How we review

Scoring Methodology

When analyzing the quality of ramen, we meticulously assessed it based on four essential components: Noodles, Soup, Meat, and Toppings. Understanding the significance of these elements, we assigned weightage accordingly, prioritizing key aspects like noodles and soup that form the foundation of a remarkable ramen dish. While toppings play a role in enhancing the overall experience, their contribution is comparatively lesser. By breaking down our evaluation into these crucial categories, we offer a comprehensive review that allows ramen enthusiasts to make informed choices and uncover the finest culinary delights.

Noodles – 35%
Soup – 35%
Meat – 20%
Toppings – 10%

Unveiling the Secrets of a Perfect Broth: Saltiness, Richness, and Concentration

When it comes to crafting an exceptional broth, achieving the ideal balance of saltiness, richness, and concentration is paramount. Through long hours of careful boiling, the flavors of the ingredients meld together, creating a broth that embodies the coveted umami factor. To provide a more precise assessment of the soup’s concentration and saltiness, we have implemented the use of a refractometer. This scientific tool allows us to measure the broth’s richness and salt levels with greater accuracy, offering valuable insights into its composition.

For instance, let’s take a closer look at the renowned Crab Broth Ramen from Tokyo Dining Keisuke. With a BRIX level of 9.8, it boasts a thickness akin to the classic Tonkotsu style. In contrast, lighter ramen varieties like Tokyo Shoyu Ramen typically have a BRIX level around 4.6. At Atago’s website, you can find a comprehensive list of BRIX levels for various types of ramen. However, it’s important to note that a higher BRIX level does not necessarily equate to superior ramen. Different ramen styles are designed to showcase varying levels of richness and depth, with some opting for a lighter profile.

By delving into the intricacies of broth composition and utilizing tools like the refractometer, we gain deeper insights into what makes a truly exceptional ramen experience. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind the perfect broth, uncovering the nuances that shape the diverse world of ramen.