Ramen at Ashikaga Flower Park | Ashikaga, Japan | 40/100


  • Yuba Ramen – 40/100, Ashikaga

Yes, you’re seeing it correctly! This isn’t a trick, a mistake, or just me trolling. Sometimes, you just find yourself curious about how the everyday ramen tastes in Japan. When I say everyday, I’m talking about the unbranded ramen you’d find in food courts and such. Well, here’s one for you, straight from Ashikaga Flower Park.

Yuba Ramen – 40/100

Noodle: 20/35

The noodles at Yuba Ramen, while not handcrafted as expected, maintain a decent quality despite the food court setting. Medium-thin and rounded, they possess a firm and snappy texture with a pleasant wheat taste. However, the mouthfeel leans towards doughy, detracting slightly from the overall experience.

Soup: 10/35

The soup base, a simple Shio rendition, lacks complexity and depth. While not outright unpleasant, it falls flat with minimal layering of flavors, resulting in a straightforward, salty broth that fails to leave a lasting impression.

Meat: 5/20

Given its nearly vegetarian nature, Yuba Ramen substitutes traditional chashu with Yuba, thin sheets of tofu skin. While the texture is agreeable, the flavor lacks distinction, failing to elevate the dish beyond mediocrity.

Topping: 5/10

Despite its food court origins, Yuba Ramen’s toppings offer visual appeal. Vibrant strands of chili threads and slices of carrots, along with fried beancurd skin, enhance the presentation. However, an abundance of cabbage and spinach, while nutritious, contributes to a slightly mushy texture, detracting from the overall enjoyment.

Overall, while there’s nothing really to shout about, it’s to be expected at such a busy tourist attraction. However, it’s still a viable ramen fix if you feel like having something to warm you up!


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