Tontoro Ramen | Kagoshima, Japan | 80/100


  • Tontoro Ramen – 80/100, Kagoshima

Tontoro Ramen in Kagoshima is celebrated for its rich and hearty pork ramen. The standout feature is the slow-cooked broth made from Kagoshima pork, chicken bones, and bonito, creating a flavorful, cloudy base. The ramen is topped with their melt-in-your-mouth homemade roast pork, crafted from rare pork belly cuts, which adds a silky smooth texture. Paired with Kagoshima’s medium-thick noodles, this combination offers a deeply satisfying experience, often hailed as a “Bowl of Bliss.”

Tontoro Ramen: 80/100

Noodle: 30/35
The noodles are medium thick with a semi-translucent look. Their texture is firm and dense, offering a chewy and borderline doughy mouthfeel. Served al dente, the noodles have a nice subtle earthy wheat taste that enhances the dish.

Soup: 25/35
The soup initially comes across as rather salty and oily. It has a savory and umami taste, with nutty undertones and a sweet bonito and garlic aroma. However, the lingering saltiness can be quite harsh on the palate, which might detract from the overall enjoyment for some.

Meat: 20/20
The ramen features Kagoshima black pork, known for its tender and juicy qualities. The meat is served shredded instead of in the usual slices, which is quite unique. The shredded meat integrates well with the noodles, allowing for bits of pork in each mouthful. The meat is braised to a delicious savory profile, with a distinctive layer of sweetness. It’s tender, soft, and has a buttery taste and texture, especially in the fatty parts that seem to melt in your mouth.

Topping: 5/10
The toppings include crunchy black fungus and a marinated egg for those who opt for it. The egg has a nice runny yolk and is imbued with a Shoyu aroma. It also has a noticeable tangy aftertaste in its savory-sweet marination, adding a special touch. However, the overall variety and amount of toppings are somewhat limited.


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