Gatsu Gatsu | Launceston, Tasmania, Australia | 30/100


  • Kuroi Ramen – 30/100, Launceston

KUROI RAMEN – 30/100 points

Noodles 15/35

The medium thin square ramen noodles used in this dish have a distinctive texture that adds a unique element to the slurping experience. The firmness of each bite is quite satisfying. However, in terms of taste, the noodles didn’t quite meet expectations. They lacked the desired flavor, leaving much to be desired.

Soup 10/35

The soup in this dish is characterized by its thin and oily consistency. The tare or sauce used is a combination of black garlic and oil, which imparts a noticeable garlic aroma. However, the taste is marred by an overpowering bitterness. Unfortunately, the richness of the broth is overshadowed by the flat oiliness and the strong bitterness resulting from the burnt garlic oil.

Meat 0/20

The chashu slices in this dish are thin, but unfortunately, they have a tough and dry texture. The marination falls short in terms of flavor, as it lacks depth and fails to enhance the taste of the pork. Additionally, the porkiness of the chashu is overly strong, which can be overwhelming for some palates.

Toppings 5/10

The flavored egg in this dish is decent, offering a satisfactory taste. The spiciness of the beansprouts is noteworthy and adds a pleasant kick, although they are slightly overcooked. As for the seaweed and black fungus, they are rather unremarkable and don’t provide any standout flavors or textures worth mentioning.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
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