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  • Ravioli Gourmandise Chuka Soba – 100/100, Tokyo
  • Chuka Soba – 100/100, Tokyo

Ginza Hachigo, nestled in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district, is a beloved ramen haven renowned for its top-notch dishes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bowl boasts fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring an authentic and flavorful experience. Notably, it’s one of the rare ramen-ya establishments to earn a coveted Michelin star.

Owned by Matsumura-san, a former French cuisine chef turned ramen aficionado, Ginza Hachigo has made waves since its inception. With a background in Tokyo’s luxurious hotel scene, Matsumura-san’s leap into the ramen world has proven a resounding success, garnering a devoted following in the local culinary scene.

The name “Hachigo” derives from the restaurant’s floor area of 8.5 “tsubo.” Its interior, reminiscent of high-end sushi or kappo restaurants, features a cozy counter with just six seats. Here, diners are greeted by staff donning crisp white “kappogi” attire, a departure from the typical ramen eatery ambiance.

Imagine ramen meets French fine-dining – this is how the experience feels like.

Ravioli Gourmandise Chuka Soba – 100/100

Noodle: 35/35

The noodles are medium-thin with a pastel yellow hue, served al dente. The texture is smooth and firm with a satisfying snappy bite. There’s also a pleasant earthy taste of wheat.

Soup: 35/35

The soup resembles Consommé, blending the richness you expect to find in a Tonkotsu ramen with the crystal clear clarity of shio ramen. It’s a meticulous blend of duck, chicken, cured ham, infused with a French-inspired stock of scallops, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, dried Matsutake, and konbu. A distinctive difference with this ramen is the lack of a Tare. Instead, the chef uses French-salt to dial up the intensity.

Meat: 20/20

The chashu features a thick slice of pork belly with three distinctive textures. The lean layer is firm and somewhat tough, requiring substantial chewing but drawing out the marination well. The middle layer is tender, easily falling apart in the mouth, while the fatty layer dissolves effortlessly without feeling too oily. The chashu offers varying textures and intensity in flavor.

Topping: 10/10

For those fortunate enough to try the Ravioli version, it’s a unique experience. The smooth, tender texture of the ravioli bursts with flavors from Truffle and Foie Gras, creating a mellow, smooth flavor profile. As the ravioli’s contents spill into the soup, it elevates the dish with new layers of taste, making it a standout component of the meal.

For those that didn’t get to try the Ravioli, the other original toppings completes the dish well too!


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