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  • “Unforgettable” Chuka Soba – 50/100, Japan

Gyoza no Ohsho is a prominent value-for-money restaurant chain in Japan, renowned for its Chinese cuisine, particularly its gyoza (dumplings). Founded in 1967, the chain has grown to over 700 locations across Japan, making it a staple in Japanese dining culture.

Apart from their signature gyoza, Gyoza no Ohsho also offers a diverse menu that includes ramen, fried rice, and a variety of other Chinese dishes. Gyoza no Ohsho stands out for its affordability and generous portion sizes, making it a popular choice for a quick, satisfying meal.

“Unforgettable Chuka Soba – 50/100

Noodle: 15/35

The medium-thick, straight noodles with a slight wave have a smooth and chewy texture. However, the mouthfeel is somewhat doughy, and the bite isn’t as snappy as desired, which detracts from the overall noodle experience.

Soup: 20/35

The soup features a rich Shoyu taste, differing from lighter, more refreshing Shoyu ramen varieties. Pork fat adds to the oiliness of the meal. Overall, the soup feels flat, with the predominant Shoyu taste building up and overwhelming other subtle flavors over time. It’s a simple soup that serves as a straightforward meal base.

Meat: 10/20

The lightly grilled meat offers a pleasant burnt aroma and taste. Its texture is firm yet tender enough, and the savory marination isn’t overly salty. However, the fatty portion is a bit too chewy, impacting the overall enjoyment.

Topping: 5/10

The toppings are classic and simple, including seaweed, negi (green onion), fish cake, and bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots stand out as very soft, tender, and deliciously salty, but the overall topping selection doesn’t add much excitement to the dish.

Overall, this ramen presents smooth and chewy noodles and a rich Shoyu soup but falls short with its doughy texture, overly chewy fatty meat portions, and basic toppings, resulting in a rather average dining experience


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