Ippudo | Taipei, Taiwan | 90/100


  • IEKEI Ramen – 90/100, Taipei, Zhongshan Main Store
  • Shiromaru Ramen – 65/100, Taipei, Zhongshan Main Store

IEKEI Ramen – 90/100

Noodle: 30/35

The noodles selected for this dish are of medium thickness, boasting a slightly oblong shape. With a firm bite and a springy, chewy texture, they offer a satisfying density and fullness. While there’s a subtle earthiness to their taste, it may not be readily discernible amidst the robust flavors of the soup.

Soup: 30/35

Despite being a IEKEI ramen that’s supposed to be a mix of Shoyu against a rich mix of Tonkotsu and Chicken base. The soup delivers a bold Bonito punch, rich in sweetness and savory depth. Characterized by a small amount of floating fats, a hallmark of IEKEI ramen, it offers a harmonious blend of flavors that caters to those seeking a more robust palate experience.

Meat: 20/20

The meat presents as a thick cut, yet it’s remarkably tender, with the fats melting effortlessly in the mouth. Skillfully marinated, it strikes a perfect balance, enhancing the porky sweetness to perfection. Truly a delightful addition to the dish.

Topping: 10/10

Among the toppings are some spinach-like vegetables, albeit mushy and lacking in impact. However, the fresh, crunchy bamboo shoots offer a refreshing sweetness that elevates the overall experience. While the egg is enjoyable, it doesn’t stand out as particularly unique amidst the array of toppings.

Shiromaru Ramen – 65/100

Noodle – 25/35

Utilizing the characteristic Hakata thin noodles, Ippudo maintains its renowned quality across all outlets and countries. However, despite requesting regular firmness, the texture here leans slightly towards the soft side. While a minor detail, those seeking a firmer bite might opt for the ‘hard’ option.

Soup – 15/35

Although some may perceive the broth as slightly watery, Ippudo’s Shiromaru broth typically bursts with richness upon the first sip. Regrettably, the version we sampled at the Taipei outlet fell short in this aspect, lacking the expected fragrance, savory notes, and umami-packed flavor.

Meat – 20/20

Fortunately, the meat shines through as a highlight, akin to the delectable offerings in IEKEI ramen. Exceptionally tender, with fats that melt effortlessly in the mouth, it boasts a well-executed marination that perfectly balances the porky sweetness. Truly a standout element.

Toppings – 5/10

Additional toppings include negi and black fungus. While the negi here differs slightly from those encountered in other countries, variations in fresh produce are understandable. Nevertheless, incorporating local flavors, such as the renowned 三星葱 (four-seasons scallions), could potentially elevate the experience further.


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