Menya Ageha | Osaka, Japan | 90/100


  • Rich Tonkotsu Bonito Tsukemen – 80/100, Osaka
  • Mazesoba – 90/100, Osaka

Menya Ageha is celebrated for its rich, thick bone broth ramen, which has garnered a loyal following among both locals and tourists. The ramen is complemented by well-crafted toppings, including succulent chashu, enhancing the overall dining experience. Highly recommended for those seeking authentic and hearty ramen in Osaka, Menya Ageha stands out in the city’s competitive ramen scene with its combination of flavorful broth, quality ingredients, and unique atmosphere.

Rich Tonkotsu Bonito Tsukemen – 80/100

Noodle: 30/35

The noodles are moderately thick, straight, dense, and oblong. They have a smooth texture and a chewy mouthfeel. The recommended way to savor them is to eat the bodies, allowing for a more satisfying and substantial bite.

Note: Upsize of noodles is free-of-charge. You’ll be given the choice of small, medium and large for noodles portion when you order.

Soup: 30/35

The dipping soup is thick and rich, as expected with tsukemen. It boasts a strong aromatic taste of mackerel and bonito, which is pleasantly intense without being overly fishy. There’s also a subtle spicy undertone that adds complexity to the flavor profile.

Meat: 15/20

The meat consists of a very thick slice of chashu, grilled on the sides. It offers a firm yet tender texture, with a savory-sweet marination that enhances its deliciousness and complements the overall dish well.

Topping: 5/10

Additional toppings include a slice of lemon, which imparts a subtle, refreshing kick, and a marinated gooey-yolk egg that coats the noodles as they brush by it, adding richness and depth to each bite.

Overall, this tsukemen features moderately thick, chewy noodles paired with a rich and aromatic dipping soup. The grilled chashu and thoughtful toppings, such as the refreshing lemon slice and gooey-yolk egg, elevate the dish, creating a well-rounded and satisfying dining experience.

Mazesoba (Curry version) – 90/100

Noodle: 30/35

The medium-thin, curly, and wavy noodles are slightly chewy with a nice snappy bite. They feel dense and satisfying, hitting the spot nicely.

Sauce: 35/35

The sauce is a delicious mixture of savory-sweet dark sauce and curry powder. The curry fragrance is perfectly balanced, not overpowering, and it complements the undertone of the sweet-savory sauce beautifully.

Note: There are 2 options for sauce when you order – Curry and Kyoto Sauce. (Don’t ask me what is Kyoto Sauce)

Meat: 15/20

The meat includes thick chunks of chashu, grilled on the sides. It has a firm yet tender texture with a savory-sweet marination that enhances its deliciousness. Additionally, savory-sweet minced meat adds to the overall flavor profile, making it a delightful component of the dish.

Topping: 10/10

The toppings are a generous mixture of green onions, seaweed, raw egg, and more. The richness of the egg and the variety of toppings add not only taste but also varying textures to the Mazesoba, enhancing the overall eating experience.

Overall, this Mazesoba features medium-thin, curly noodles with a chewy, snappy bite, complemented by a perfectly balanced savory-sweet curry sauce. The grilled chashu and minced meat add depth to the flavor, while the diverse toppings provide a rich and varied texture, creating a highly satisfying dish.


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