Ramen House Nene | Nagano, Japan | 40/100


  • Mapo Ramen – 35/100, Nagano
  • Motsu Ramen – 40/100, Nagano

Nestled discreetly near Smile Hotel Nagano lies a quaint ramen shop, exuding the cozy ambiance of an Izakaya. With only around eight seats, the intimate space fosters a familial atmosphere, evident from the warm welcome extended to repeat patrons. If you are looking for that midnight diner vibe – this place won’t disappoint.

MAPO RAMEN – 35/100

Noodle: 10/35

The noodles, medium-thin and curly with a light yellow hue, offer a soft, chewy bite and a slightly sticky mouthfeel. Despite their adequate texture, they lack standout flavor against the intensely spicy soup.

Soup: 20/35

Infused with stir-fried Mapo dish, the broth boasts a menacing deep red color and a fiery chili oil layer. Its sharp spiciness initially tingles the nose but gradually unveils a complex interplay of sweet, savory, and subtle sour notes, accompanied by a hint of fermented bean aroma.

Meat: 5/20

In lieu of chashu, the dish features abundant tofu and minced meat, the latter tender and well-marinated, adding its savory touch to the stir-fried mix. But overall, there’s nothing really special.

Topping: 0/10

Abundant, yet unremarkable, the topping consists mainly of regular tofu, offering satisfactory but unexceptional flavor.

MOTSU RAMEN – 40/100

Noodle: 10/35

Featuring the same medium-thin, curly noodles as its counterparts, they offer a soft, chewy texture with a light yellow hue. While satisfyingly springy, they struggle to stand out amidst the bold flavors of the soup.

Soup: 20/35

The broth boasts a salty-sweet profile with a subtle, lingering spiciness. Its depth is enriched by earthy and meaty notes, likely derived from the beef innards.

Meat: 5/20

Motsu Ramen’s signature choice of meat is beef innards, providing an extremely chewy texture and a robust beefy flavor. However, the meaty innard odour is quite overwhelming. It’s going to be an acquired taste but for those that love innards, they will be delighted with this.

Topping: 5/10

Completing the dish are stir-fried chives and bean sprouts, adding a delightful crunch and flavor to each bite.


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