Hakata Ramen Nidaime Ikkousha - Shoyu Bonito Ramen

Hakata Ramen Nidaime Ikkousha | Okayama, Japan | 70/100


  • Shoyu Bonito Ramen, 65/100 (2 Jan 2023)

Shoyu Bonito Ramen 70/100

Noodle 20/35
Noodles are medium thin and slightly wavy. Texture is firm and the bite good. However, the taste of kansui is noticeable – don’t quite like the taste.

Soup 30/35
Rich might be an understatement as it’s thick to the point it’s about to become a gravy to some people. The broth is very strong in flavour so those with lighter palette might not like it. The salty Shoyu taste and fragrance is quick to start, followed closely by the sweetness of the bonito broth. The fishiness is also handled well. Overall its a really interesting take.

Meat 15/20
Firm but not tough. Salty and flavorful. Overall its a tasty addition to the meal but nothing remarkable.

Toppings 5/10
The Tamago was very salty. Even saltier than the already quite salty soup. But the negi is surprisingly good – a refreshing zeist as you come across it throughout the meal. Not sure if it’s a different type but it does seem larger than the regular negi. The other topping will be the black fungus that adds more of texture than layering more taste.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
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