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  • Sea Bream Salt Ramen – 95/100, Tokushima Donoura Ekimae Branch

Taishio Ramen Dounoura, located in Naruto, Japan, is renowned for its distinctive ramen offerings. Specializing in “Taishio” (sea salt) ramen, this restaurant stands out for its use of high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation. The broth, a highlight of their ramen, is known for its clear, light, and refreshing taste, which is achieved through a careful balance of sea salt and other umami-rich components.

Their’s signature sea bream ramen, known locally as “tai ramen,” is a specialty that showcases the delicate and flavorful broth made from sea bream. This ramen is a celebrated dish in the town of Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture. The broth is crafted from high-quality sea bream, giving it a light yet rich umami flavor. The sea bream broth is balanced with sea salt, enhancing its natural flavors without overwhelming the palate.

Sea Bream Salt Ramen – 95/100

Noodle: 35/35

The noodles are medium thin and straight, served al dente with a snappy bite. Their texture is silky smooth, making the slurping of noodles very satisfying. They also have a pleasant earthy wheat taste.

Soup: 35/35

The soup, based on sea-bream, has a white and milky appearance. Its fishiness is mild and not unpleasant, complemented by a creaminess and stickiness typical of deep-sea fatty fish, leaving you with sticky lips. The smooth, layered sweetness with a very mellow saltiness creates an amazing combination.

Meat: 20/20

The meat, or rather the lack thereof, is unique. Instead of traditional meat, you get a thin triangular piece of crispy fish skin atop a pile of deceptively fish-looking onion shreds. The lightly salted fish skin has a crunchy yet melt-in-your-mouth texture achievable only through fresh deep-frying. It offers a nice umami sweetness that leaves you craving more.

Topping: 5/10

Other toppings include white onion shreds and pea sprouts. Given the mellow nature of the soup, these simple toppings do a decent job of layering the taste profile, although they don’t stand out significantly.

Overall, Sea-Bream Salt Ramen offers a unique and refined ramen experience. The combination of silky smooth noodles, a creamy and mildly fishy soup, and the innovative use of crispy fish skin instead of traditional meat sets it apart, making it a highly satisfying dish.


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