Wanwanken Ramen | Tokushima, Japan | 90/100


  • Shina Soba – 90/100, Tokushima

Wanwanken Ramen, located in Aizumi Town (the town of Japan Blue), Tokushima, is famous for its rich Tokushima-style ramen. Established in 1998 and named in honor of baseball legend Sadaharu Oh, the restaurant is known for its hearty pork-based broth. The ramen typically features toppings such as pork belly, raw egg, and green onions, creating a robust and flavorful meal. Customers order via a ticket vending machine, ensuring a straightforward and efficient experience for both locals and tourists.

Shina Soba with Raw Egg – 90/100

Noodle: 30/35

The noodles are medium thick with a firm texture and a wholesome wheat taste. Served al dente, they have a nice snappy bite, making for a satisfying noodle experience.

Soup: 30/35

The soup is thick, rich, and almost gravy-like. It has a strong pork taste and a grainy texture, which is delicious but not for the faint-hearted. The prominent Shoyu flavor is complemented by a subtle sweetness, resulting in a savory broth. Mixing in the raw egg adds a slightly thicker texture and an additional layer of sweetness.

Meat: 20/20

The meat consists of thin slices and crumbs of deeply marinated pork. This mix of textures includes some pieces that are firmer and others more tender. The strong marination, with its distinctive sweet base and savory notes, is very appetizing.

Topping: 10/10

Toppings include bamboo shoots that are a little tough and pungent for our preference, beansprouts that add a nice raw taste, and the transformative raw egg. The egg not only enhances the flavor but also enriches the overall texture of the meal.

Overall, Shina Soba with Raw Egg offers a rich and hearty ramen experience, with a savory, thick broth, firm noodles, and well-marinated meat. The raw egg is a standout topping that elevates both the taste and texture of the dish.


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