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Sho Ryu Ramen | Singapore | 45/100


  • Sho Ryu Ramen (Signature), 45/100 (27 Oct 2021, 111 Somerset – outlet seems closed)
  • Tonkotsu Ramen, 45/100 (27 Oct 2021, 111 Somerset – outlet seems closed)

Join us as we explore the intricate details of Sho Ryu Ramen, a culinary destination where noodles, soup, meat, and toppings come together. Our meticulous review sheds light on each element, helping you make an informed dining decision.

SHO RYU RAMEN 45/100 points

Noodle – 20/35

The noodles at Sho Ryu Ramen follow the traditional Hakata style, characterized by their long, straight, and thin form. While the texture is acceptable, considering the affordable price point, it is relatively decent. However, the noodles lack a distinct flavor profile that sets them apart.

Soup – 15/35

Sho Ryu Ramen offers a variety of ramen options, including their signature Sho Ryu and classic Tonkotsu variations. Surprisingly, the broth tasted the same across the two options we tried. The overall flavor is satisfactory, with a savory taste complemented by a dash of burnt garlic. However, the consistency of the broth leans towards the watery side, which may not be to everyone’s liking. It’s worth noting that we can’t confirm if it’s exactly the same broth, but it certainly tasted identical to us.

Meat – 5/20

The Sho Ryu variant boasts a thicker slice of pork as its centerpiece. While the meat is acceptable, it lacks a distinguishing factor that would make it truly exceptional. The texture could be improved to achieve a softer and more melt-in-your-mouth experience. As the signature dish, we had higher expectations for a more remarkable meat component, but unfortunately, it fell short.

Toppings – 5/10

One of the highlights among the toppings is the half slice of marinated tamago, which is prepared to perfection. However, the remaining toppings are quite standard and fail to leave a lasting impression. While the set meal offers a variety of options, they don’t stand out significantly. Overall, the toppings are passable, but they lack the unique touches that would elevate the ramen experience.

TONKOTSU RAMEN 45/100 points

Noodle – 20/35

The noodles at Sho Ryu Ramen Singapore remain consistent across their variants. They are the classic Hakata-style noodles—long, straight, and thin. The texture is decent, and considering the affordable price point, they are satisfactory.

Soup – 15/35

Similar to our previous experiences, the broth at Sho Ryu Ramen Singapore seems to be identical across their ramen offerings. The flavor profile is okay, leaning towards savory notes. However, the consistency of the broth is slightly watery for our preference. A dash of burnt garlic adds a nice touch, but overall, it lacks the richness and depth we were hoping for.

Meat – 5/20

The Sho Ryu Ramen variant features a thicker slice of pork. While the meat is passable, it could benefit from improved tenderness and texture. As the signature element of the dish, we were expecting a more unique and standout experience, but unfortunately, it fell short of our expectations.

Toppings – 5/10

The half slice of tamago that accompanies the ramen is a highlight, marinated to perfection—just the right balance of flavor without being overly salty. Interestingly, the other toppings provided more variety than the signature ramen. The addition of black fungus offered a pleasant change in texture, but overall, the toppings did not leave a lasting impression.

Note: It is worth mentioning that the staff informed us that the main difference between the variants lies in the toppings rather than the broth itself, which led to a relatively similar taste experience across their menu.


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