Yachiyo | Miyoshi, Tokushima, Japan | 50/100


  • Chuka Soba – 50/100, Miyoshi, Tokushima

Nestled in rural Japan is Miyoshi in Tokushima where you’ll not just find an abundance of nature and scenic views but also the Shikoku-style overwhelming warmth towards visitors (cause they are rare!)

In Awa Ikeda, lies some old eateries such as Yachiyo where you’ll be greeted with humble furnishing, unassuming settings and nostalgic feels. The recipe at Yachiyo has been inherited since 1954. You can compare it to the new age ramen but it has its charm as a food for the soul.

Chuka Soba – 50/100

Noodle: 20/35
The noodles are medium thin and straight. The texture is chewy but also a little too doughy. They have a nice wholesome taste but a very subtle unpleasant kansui taste, noticeable only if you know what to look for.

Soup: 20/35
The soup is classic and simple, savory with a mild shoyu fragrance and a subtle sweetness. However, there’s a noticeable unpleasant tangy undertone from the shoyu and kansui.

Meat: 5/20
The meat consists of thin slices of braised pork belly. The texture is firm, chewy, and a bit on the tough side. It’s savory with a slight porky taste.

Topping: 5/10
The toppings include negi, fish cake, and some bean sprouts. While nothing fancy, they are sufficient for a meal priced at just ¥550.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
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